Revamp with a stamp

I have tried signing my turnings, I really have. My old Mum used to say my handwriting was like “a hen with dirty feet walking across the table.” Yes, it is that bad. I was thinking of investing in a branding iron to scorch my name etc. into my work, but the cost was beyond what I can realistically afford.
Instead, I had a custom rubber stamp made. It places my name and logo on the wood, in ink, which can then be sealed with acrylic lacquer.

As an experiment I tried the stamp on my purpleheart bowl.
Purpleheart Bowl #5
It’s not very clear in the photo, but it looks good up close.

This is the stamp design, which I created the artwork for.
Rubber Stamp
I created the silhouette from an on-line photo of an oak tree,

I quickly discovered that the ink does not dry properly over the top of friction polish. I tried stamping this beech tooth fairy bell, but the ink smudged then wouldn’t clean off. Not to worry, I still have the jam chuck to I can re-sand it and start again.
Beech Fairy Bell
I also fitted a bell to the inside.

This weekend will hopefully see my first attempts at filming my work. All in the name of entering a competition…….. The object is not to demonstrate how to turn wood. That would be a liberty considering my limited training and experience. The object of using video is so I can review my turning and see where I need to improve my technique.
Who knows, I might even learn something.

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