Step aside Cecil B.

I finally did it. I recorded myself at the lathe. Unfortunately I could only get one of my cameras to talk to the laptop, so only the view from above is available. I have made the video for the Christmas Ornament Challenge 2014, run by Carl Jacobson and Alan Stratton. I made more than one ornament, but have only edited one video so far. The ornament in the video is a piece of teak from a science lab bench, finished in teak oil.

If you want to watch, it can be found here. As my cameras are redundant CCTV IP cameras, the quality is not the best and there is no sound. Who wants to listen to a lathe noise and hear me curse anyway? Right?

I hope to find the time to upload at least one other video before the end of the month.

This one is the little tree in teak.
Not a great photo, as it was taken using a wee point & shoot camera.

This one is beech & banksia nut rescued from the bin.
Finish on this is friction polish. The video for this one can be found here. Again, the quality is not fantastic because of the old scrappy camera.

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