I’m Still Here

Fear not dear friends. I have not fallen off’f the edge of the world. Things have been busy on the home front following the devastating loss of my Father-in-law. Driving to London and back about 8 times in 6 weeks leaves little time for anything else.
I have completed and passed on all of the Christmas commissions I have been working on, so after Christmas my time in the shed will be mostly “me” time. I do have a commission for a friend, but that is one for after the New Year with no pressure I’m glad to say.
Also in the new year, I am determined to get started on one of my personal projects I have planned. I may reveal little snippets as time goes on, but right now my plans must remain secret.
I’m sure I promised pens to some people, but for the life of me cannot remember who. I’m sure they will remind me as time goes on. Thankfully I have loads of blanks prepared so all that is required is turning & finishing before assembly. No pressure……
I may, or may not, post here again before next year. If I don’t post anything else, please have a great Christmas – if you celebrate the festival – and have a guid ne’erday when it comes..

Nollaig Chridheil agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr

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