Blowing smoke up our asses

Yes, WordPress are. They made some changes to the Stats page among other things, and have the temerity to ask our opinion after the fact. As if the users’ opinions would ever make any difference to corporate plans.
Personally, I don’t like the changes. I feel they detract from the user experience, and have made this clear in their surveys. The new editor page stayed, and the new stats page will stay – despite being ridiculously difficult to use on a smaller screen than the previous version. My laptop has a 15″ screen, which means I need to scroll up and down to get any useful information. In the previous version, all the pertinent information fitted in one screen. The tablet experience is even worse. Good job hardly anyone in the world uses iPads or Android devices…………… eh?
Still. There are plenty other blogging sites out there. Right?

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  1. Collin says:

    Stick with WordPress, it’s still better than Blogspot, Blogger and most of the others out there!

    If you have an iPad or similar, use the app for iOS, it’s a great tool for writing.

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