A Quick Update

So far, since returning to work, no turning has been done. It’s wild outside, perfectly normal for this time of year in Scotland, with 100mph winds at times. As my workshop is a wooden structure, it is best not to allow the wind in if it has no way to get out.

My last photographed turnings are:
Beech Rattle
A traditional rattle with captive rings in beech

Oak Whisk #1
A silicon balloon whisk with oak handle

Oak OpenOak BottomOak Side
A small oak barrel. 5″ High x 3¼” Diameter.

Beech OpenBeech BottomBeech Top
An even smaller beech barrel. 3½” High x 2¼” Diameter.

Not a lot, but not everything that was turned. I have another item in the shed which is, as yet, unfinished. The turning is complete, but no finish has been applied, and I may still add bits. Watch this space.

Hopefully the forthcoming weekend will see an end to the storms for the time being and allow me to get some turning started.
I need to tidy the shed and get rid of some junk too, but I think I will probably have to work round the mess until the days start getting longer and I can get the table saw out.

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3 Responses to A Quick Update

  1. kevin0303 says:

    Lovely little barrels Tom. Cold you give us some idea of the actual size. Hope the weather improves soon up there so you can get back in the shop.
    best regards

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Hi Kevin.
      Will do. I will need to measure them, but if my memory serves the oak one is approx 100mm diameter in the middle, and the little beech one is around 65mm diameter in the middle.
      I have an order for some, so will probably make a video of the process at some point too.

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