A Cold Weekend

Thankfully I have a gas fire in the shed to stop my bits falling off from frostbite. It was about 2°C outside, but much colder inside until the fire did it’s thing.

I managed to finish a horse chestnut bowl I had rough-turned back in April. I re-shaped the outside 2 weeks ago, and left it mounted on the lathe. It moved a bit, but nothing to write home about. Anyway, I turned the inside, and applied sanding sealer and melamine lacquer, then polished with paste wax.
There are a couple of bark inclusions I couldn’t quite bring myself to remove. I think they add to the character.
These inclusions left the rim a bit wiggly, but that doesn’t worry me. I like the natural look. I like wood to look like wood.
I will be making a set of button jaws for the lathe, or a longworth chuck, so I can get rid of the spigots/recesses used for holding the work in the chuck.
All in all, I am happy with it. I am now managing to turn end grain with very little tear-out, which means much less sanding.

I bought some glass liners for tea-lights, so naturally had to turn a tea-light holder. This one is laburnum, which is a very beautiful timber. It’s poisonous too, so care has to be taken when working and handling.
The finish here is friction polish, which has been burnished to a high sheen. It doesn’t do to have potentially flammable finishes on candle holders.

And finally. I have turned the final prototype of the oak barrels I have been commissioned to make. They are about 3″ high by about 2¾ in diameter. Finish is cellulose lacquer.
The lid is side grain from the same piece of timber.
It’s a nice snug fit, but opens with a good hard shake.M4031P-4201
The flash made a poor job of showing the bottom. It’s much nicer than this “in the wood.”
I think the whiteness is a reflection from the medullary rays.

Now to turn another 29.

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2 Responses to A Cold Weekend

  1. Collin says:

    You been busy! I like the bark inclusion on the bowl too. When I first started turning I would have removed it but now I would leave it too. 🙂

    A couple of questions:

    1. Where did you get the glass insert? How big is it compared to a tea light?
    2. I love the barrels, what have you used for the band? Presumably you’ve done this from one piece rather than segmented like a full size barrel?

    All the best


    • Tom Speirs says:

      Hi Coll

      The glass inserts are “Glimma” from Ikea, but bought through an ebay outlet which is cheaper. The tea-light is a loose fit inside the insert, but not too loose. This allows for different size candles.
      The band is part of the timber of the barrel and has been friction scorched by holding a piece of broken circuit board against the spinning piece prior to finishing.
      I just cut either side with a parting tool, then use the skew chisel to shape the barrel either side of the raised part.
      The barrel is from a single piece of locally sourced oak, which has been air dried for some time.
      I have never had much success with segmented stuff



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