No to Slow Progress

Our health service is second to none, for what it costs us. I think though we could get rid of several layers of managers in order to streamline services. I was given an appointment to have an ultrasound scan, to decide whether or not surgery is needed on my injured shoulder. This appointment was for Paddy’s day, 17th March. 6 weeks after first reporting the injury. Now I’m no surgeon, but surely this is far too long to wait before a decision on whether surgery is necessary? The specialist seemed to think so, and forced a much earlier appointment.
It seems however, that a “clinical manager” decides the order of appointments based on criteria on a tick-list. When I enquired as to this person’s medical qualification I was told they have none. The importance is based on a calculation of projected costs in an early resolution opposed to long term recovery.
Because that makes sense.

I will know on Friday how the land lies in terms of recovery, and more importantly, when I can return to work and get behind the lathe again. There are plenty projects to be getting on with, and after this long away from turning it will likely take a while to get my hand/eye in again.
Work’s a doddle, I can do that with my eyes shut.

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