Still Crocked

Having now seen the specialist and had the ultrasound results, things are looking up. There are “no large ruptures, and no torn tendons” in my shoulder, so at this stage no need for surgery. The ball on the end of my humerus is sitting too high in the socket on my scapula, and is being held in place by damaged muscle. I will probably need anaesthetic and steroid injections along with lots of physiotherapy to help get it back to where it should be.
I also have calcification in the biceps tissue, which is age related, and deterioration of the shoulder joint. The calcification is not something the specialist is too worried about, but if it is likely to cause issues in my recovery surgery may be required later to remove it.
I just want to be able to get back to work and back out to play. I’m not a sitting around the house kind of person.

On the bright side, we had a road trip yesterday to Brodie’s Timber at Inver, near Dunkeld. I always enjoy a run out to visit these kind of places. I bought a lovely lump of camphor, some exotic pen blanks, and an attachment for mortising for my pillar drill. Can’t bloody well use any of it, but I dare-say the shed will still be there when I’m better.

Ho hum. Let’s just hope the physio appointment comes through sooner, rather than later.

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