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Easing myself back in gently

Good news faithful reader! I have been able to get back in the shed and do a small amount of turning. Nothing spectacularly large of course, but enough to put the damaged muscles to the test. One day in the … Continue reading

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Of Budgets and Prices

I’m intrigued, as to where folk buy their supplies, and their apparent disposable incomes. I have little disposable income, so much of my turning and other projects is done with scrap/recycled/free timber. I watch many YouTube videos on the subject … Continue reading

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Long Weekend Ahoy!

Well it looks like no-one fell for my April Fools photo yesterday. Maybe, as was pointed out elsewhere, it was just too plausible. That aside, we are coming up on the Easter weekend, and I’m still crocked. The shoulder is … Continue reading

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Is This The End?

How can they do this? Many, many people make their living from this discipline. It is time the fun police were reined in and us crafters were left to our own devices This is ridiculous

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