Long Weekend Ahoy!

Well it looks like no-one fell for my April Fools photo yesterday. Maybe, as was pointed out elsewhere, it was just too plausible.

That aside, we are coming up on the Easter weekend, and I’m still crocked. The shoulder is improving, very slowly, but I still can’t manage out to play. I may attempt to open the shed up and tidy some of the mess I left behind when I last managed to turn something. I was in so much pain I just pretty much threw stuff in, and locked the doors.

Annnnnd…. to top it all off, WordPress have changed the layout of the editor again, and I now have a box 5 lines high to type into.
Why can’t they just leave things alone? I’ve had to create a shortcut to the old stats page, because the new stats layout is so piss-poor and badly arranged.
This current layout is a complete disaster, with a tiny edit box and a huge chunk of empty real-estate below it. Do any developers ever test things nowadays?
Clearly not.Editor disaster
What possible use is that to anyone?

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