Of Budgets and Prices

I’m intrigued, as to where folk buy their supplies, and their apparent disposable incomes.
I have little disposable income, so much of my turning and other projects is done with scrap/recycled/free timber. I watch many YouTube videos on the subject of wood turning and wood working, and the makers appear to either have a limitless supply of good quality stock or a limitless budget.
Videographers appear to always have many sheets of construction grade plywood at their disposal. Perhaps this is a very cheap commodity elsewhere in the world? I know anytime I have looked at it, the cost to me has been prohibitive. One 8’x4′ sheet would pretty much cost me my available hobby income for a month.
So, if anyone in my local area knows where I can find a cheap/free source of ¾”x8’x4′ construction grade plywood, please let me know. I would like to be able to line the inside of my shed, but the cost of what I would need comes in at around £500 ($750US)

This is way outside my comfort zone.

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