Arkwright’s back

Almost back to normal. For those of you who don’t get the reference, the great Ronnie Barker did a sit-com called Open All Hours about a skinflint corner shop owner called Arkwright. At the start of each episode he was shown setting up his wares outside the shop, and at the end taking them back in as a voice-over monologue pondered the oddities of life.
Such is my lot when I go into my shed. I have to put a load of bits and pieces outside before I can start any work. Things like the lawn mower, a plastic bin full of off-cuts, bags of shavings waiting to go to the tip, a spare bumper for my car, (yes, really) and other sundry items I use infrequently but too often to dispose of.

Yesterday I did a few small bits of turning. All part of one of my secret projects. I lost most of the afternoon however, looking for a small electric motor I bought for one of these projects. It arrived by post last week, and has been in the same place indoors ever since.
Yesterday, I filled a bag with my collected items to go out to the shed, including said motor. When I got to the shed however, I could not find the motor. Both my Wife and I searched the house and shed, but there is no sign of the motor anywhere.
This is not unusual. Things frequently go missing in our home, only to reappear later back where they were originally. I can guarantee, when I buy a replacement motor, the original one will turn up sitting in plain sight somewhere.

The downside of making it out to do some turning yesterday, is I can barely move my arm today. I know I will get the full use of my arm back eventually, and I should be patient.

Easier said than done.

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