Some output from the weekend

I actually got out to play for a few hours on Saturday. Last weekend was a washout, with torrential rain and 50mph winds. I spent much of the time this week building a lathe steady, for supporting longer spindles to help prevent vibration.
The ring is from a piece of phenolic plywood, the wheels are skate wheels, and the arms are flat steel bar.
Lathe Steady
I still need to cut guides into the ring, or possibly add guide blocks.

I also turned a small beech box, with elm ring inset in the lid.
Beech Box
I’m not 100% happy with it though, because the lid ended up a bit off-centre. Every cut is a practice cut though eh?

Annndddd…. I turned more parts for my secret Summer project. This is two out of three parts.
Elm Turned
Turned using skew chisel, and awaiting finish. Timber is elm,
Elm Blank
from a blank just like this one,
Elm Slab
cut from this board.

I think I still have about a half dozen parts still to turn before assembly.

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