Easing back in

I did some turning at the weekend, using my new hand knitted carbide tools. The round cutter is fantastic for hollowing end-grain, and I have replaced the screw in the square cutter with one that takes up the slack in the mounting hole nicely. This works really well as a scraper for the square sides of a box.
I also did some work on my Summer project, but that still has to stay under wraps for the time being.
I turned an end-grain box from some laburnum I picked up a while ago. Despite the toxicity, laburnum is a lovely wood to turn, and takes a finish well.
Laburnum Box #1
The little acorn knob on top is a scrap piece of elm, and the finish is melamine lacquer.
Laburnum Box #3The carbide cutters made short work of hollowing the end grain.
Laburnum Box #2
The grain on the laburnum is lovely, and the cracks from drying don’t really look too bad.

Hopefully by the end of the weekend after next I will be closer to revealing my Summer project.

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  1. nice touch the acorn on top

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