A Summer(?) Break

Just what the doctor ordered, a 2 week break from work. Strangely, for this time of year I expected better weather. As things stand, I have a nasty head cold. I went to a classic car show a week ago, and didn’t take a jacket because the weather was so nice. That’ll teach me.
In between, I have replaced the boiler and redecorated the kitchen after that upheaval. I had to rip out the boxing in for the bathroom pipework because of a leak, so had to replace that and redecorate the bathroom too.
I replaced the brake discs on the front of my car.
Annnndddd…… did a small amount of turning. I really need to get more practice in though. I’m pretty sure my skills are going backward.

Where the bathroom was ripped out, I had to remove the vanity unit. This was no mean feat, because it was custom built for the space and was not ever intended for easy removal. What is left is rebuilt completely, only the doors are original.
The top is from a slab of spalted beech I purchased from Scottish Wood.
Lavvy Pano
Not an easy subject to photograph. I like the natural edge though, even if the bark fell off.

Turning-wise, I tried to keep it simple.
Beech Tea-Light #1
A small spalted beech tealight.
Beech Box #1
A spalted beech box with lid and finial.
Ash Rattle
Yet another baby rattle, made from a piece of ash.
Beeck Whisk
A balloon whisk with a spalted beech handle.
Oak Tee
A little golf tee made from oak, just for a laugh.
Golden Bullet
An Auric Goldfinger bullet, made from beech and coloured with gilt cream.
Ash Mallet #1
A new mallet, with an ash head and elm shaft. I have been promising myself one for months.
Ash Box With Lid #1
And a little ash box with lid made from the leftovers from the mallet.

Nothing too taxing, and reasonably easily done.

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