Out and about

I actually got some turning done this weekend. I’m slowly getting back to normal, nearly one year on since my original injury. If someone had told me how long this would take to heal, I would probably not have believed them.
Starting small, I made a pen from some beech I had sitting around doing nothing.
Beech Pen
Nice and easy to start with, just to get the motion back.

Next up, is an old favourite with the campers. A firesteel enclosed in spalted beech.
Firesteel #1
The small black spot is a worm hole, filled with banksia dust and cyanoacrylate.
Firesteel #2
Finish is cellulose lacquer. And the answer is yes, I can use it.

Finally, people with a certain mobile phone type will recognise this little fella.
Android #3
He opens up too, for handy storage.
Android 4
I made a bit of a mess with superglue when I stuck his antennae in.
Android #5
There is only a quick wipe of cellulose sanding sealer on this, no other finishing product.

All in all not a bad output for my first attempt in weeks.

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