The Winds of Change

It’s the end of an era for my old shed/workshop. I decided it needed replacing, and sourced a new building. (more on that later) The old building had to come down to allow the new one on the same site.
I was horrified when all the cabinets and benches were stripped out. I knew it was in a bad way, but had no idea just how badly rotted it was.
Shed Rot #1
The brown rusty looking substance is all that’s left of the bottom rail of the frame.
Shed Rot #2
Likewise, the dark band is the base rail on the other side. I reckon the cabinets were all that stopped it being blown down in high winds.
Shed Down
This is all that remains. A few car loads to the tip, and it will be gone.

Time for a new era. Once everything is squared away, and all the cabinets are in place I will post some photos of my new setup.

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