Re-turning to turning

Finally. Today I got back into turning, after a far longer break than I foresaw. The move from the old wooden garage to the steel cabin took a lot more time than I expected.
I’m not complaining though, the new cabin was well worth the wait. The last part fell in to place today.
First Aid Box
This first aid box was being thrown away at work. All of the supplies inside went out of date in 2009, so it was all discarded. I bought a travel kit from my local Lidl store which is intended to be carried in the car, and transferred the contents to the steel box.
I’m now prepared for pretty much any injury.

My first effort was a little laburnum christmas tree, and an oak snowman. The oak has been sitting around since early 2010 and is very dry, fairly rotted and very splintery.
Snowman #1
The snowman opens, and may perhaps end up having something inside. I have still to decide.
Snowman #3

The next item was another tree. This time the timber is holly.
Colouring was done with a sharpie type pen, and the brown with spirit stain.

The last piece is the first of a set of napkin rings. The timber is the last piece of sycamore from the tree I collected after the infamous “hurricane bawbag” in January 2011.
Napkin Ring #1
This will be a set of 6, and will hopefully be complete by Christmas.

A successful day for me, even if I did come in an hour earlier than planned. Some halfwit forgot to turn the clock back an hour at the end of BST.

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