Squaring some wood away

OK, that’s a bit misleading.
I watched a video on Youtube by Al Furtado, where he has a bit of a disaster with a segmented bowl. The bowl blew apart. Not one to waste a video, Al turned a square bowl so the effort was not lost. I liked what I saw, so……..

Square Bowl #5
It’s certainly not round, yet not quite square.
Square Bowl #2
I was going to square it off, but decided to keep the natural shape of the sides where the bark came off, and where the chainsaw cuts were.
Square Bowl #3
And naturally I removed the tenon to leave a flat bottom.

The timber for this project was ash, and the finish is wipe on polyuretane lacquer. The missus loves it, and there were no injuries in the making.

Next weekend the project will be something special, and involves some upcycling.

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