A Little Upcycle

A week later than planned, due to the car radiator letting go on the way home from work one evening. Bearing in mind my car is a grey import, and parts are sometimes difficult to get or expensive, I was very surprised. Import Car Parts supplied the radiator, ordered Tuesday – delivered Thursday – for £79. I have dealt with this company before, and have always had great prices and service. A friend had a bill to the tune of £220 for a Vauxhall Astra radiator recently, so I think I got off lucky.

Anyway, back to the turning. A book I have called “Woodturning: A Foundation Course” by Keith Rowley advises practice with cheap DIY store pine. The premise is, if you can get a good finish straight off’f the tools with pine you can turn pretty much any wood.
I find this to be pretty accurate, and have turned many things from pine. As a bit of a challenge, I decided to push myself and turn something from a broken scaffold board I have had sitting around for ages.

Scaffold Board #1
This was ripped down one side, to provide a stem, then cut into 6″ squares. I cut the corners off to bring it closer to round, before mounting it on the lathe.
Scaffold Board #2
The stem part was turned between centres. This part was turned almost excluseively with the skew chisel. I didn’t measure anything, other than the tenons on the end where it would connect to the base and crown. The rest was estimated and done by eye.
Wig Stand #4
There was a nasty knot in one end, but I managed to turn that away. Some sanding sealer and a couple of coats of wipe-on polyeurethane lacquer sealed it, before some wax and a polish.
The base is around 5¼” in diameter, and had a really nasty crack along the grain.
Wig Stand #2
This was filled with copper powder and CA glue before being sanded, sealed, lacquered and polished.
Likewise, the crown was turned to around 5¼” in diameter. This piece had some nasty cracks too. Some were glued, and the worst were filled with copper powder and CA glue. I also turned it away underneath to keep it light, in order to balance the weight when in use. We don’t want it to be top-heavy.
Wig Stand #3
I did not photograph the underside however. You will just have to take my word for it.
Finally the entire piece was assembled. A wig stand.
Wig Stand #5
Despite being a wee baldy bugger, I don’t have a wig to try it out.
The finished item will be parcelled up and sent to a fellow turner, who will be staging a sale in aid of a charity supporting breast cancer.
Once I find out when the sale is, I will let my faithfull reader-ship know. You can then all contact the seller if you see anything you like. It’s for a great cause.

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