Unfinished Business

In this month’s Woodturning magazine, Andy Coates made an ear-ring stand with a hidden box in the base.
ear-ring stand
I started out making one, but didn’t get it finished.
Ear-ring Stand #2
This is an example of dangerous practice incidentally, even though I’m only posing. The hanging tapes from the hood have been cut off so there is no chance of them being snagged by moving parts.
This is the “umbrella” part being turned. Mine is slightly different to Andy’s example, because there is no finial on top. (yet)
Ear-ring Stand #3
Sanding the “umbrella” part. You may be able to see the 12 holes drilled around the edge. I have a jig for doing these which allows the top to rotate 30º each time and allows accurate drilling.
Finally, turned the base, with the hidden box.
Ear-ring Stand #1
This one is an action shot, with huge long shavings flying everywhere.
Unfortunately the stem part had a massive crack in it, which caused it to disintegrate minutes after I finished a decorative bead halfway up the length. I will have to finish it next weekend instead, with a new stem.

Sometimes the bull win Señor……

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