Finally Finished

It only took an extra week, but I finally got the ear-ring stand done. I’m not 100% sure about the shape, but I don’t remount pieces after a finish has been applied. After a series of disasters, I live with things the way they originally turn out now.
Ear-ring Stand #4
It’s odd, that all except the stem came from one log, yet there are different colours. The stem is holly, while the rest came from a single alder log.
Ear-ring Stand #1

The “umbrella” part can stand alone as a separate piece, but would be a bit unstable.
Ear-ring Stand #3
The base contains a compartment for storing smaller pieces, such as studs or butterflies.

This weekend too, saw a first for the cabin. I am now connected to the t’interwebs, via a powerline adapter kit. I am really pleased that this worked, and a bit surprised. My cabin is connected to the mains using a >40m extension cable with 2 IP44 plugs.
I really did not expect that to work.
Happy days.

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