The Pellet With the Poison……..

Is in the vessel with the pestle………
For the uninitiated, that’s a line from A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court.

I finally managed back out to play. This week I did a mortar and pestle someone asked for. Unfortunately…… I forget who asked for it.
The mortar part is a piece of ash which had threatened for fall on a good friend’s static caravan. (Or trailer for those on the other side of the Atlantic.)
I’ve had the timber for around 3 years, and rough turned it before drying in the microwave to get the moisture content down.
Mortar& Pestle #1
The grain is lovely, and shows where a rather large knot was cut out of the pith.
Mortar& Pestle #3
Once more, from the top.
Mortar& Pestle #5
A nice flat bottom, with a bit of bark kept on.
Mortar& Pestle #6
The pestle is a piece of holly.
Mortar& Pestle #7
And finally, both together.

Finish is wipe on polyurethane.
If I ever manage to remember who requested this, I will pass it on.
My memory is ridiculous.

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  1. jennyskip says:

    Beautiful project!

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