Scrap Bin Challenge

I decided to challenge myself after seeing an article on using up bits of scrap timber. I bought some wee round magnets and had a dig in the scrap bin.
The results were impressive, to me at any rate. Fridge magnets, or any metal surface really. These are stuck to our boiler.
2016-03-06 20.16.18
Top to bottom, they are:
Elm from a fallen branch off’f the tree in the garden – finish is CA (superglue)
Mystery leftover from a pen blank – finish is spray acrylic
Laburnum – finish is spray acrylic
Elm burr, leftover from a fruit bowl I made in 2013 – finish is Chestnuts friction polish.

I also made another wig stand. This one is alder, with a cherry stem. Finish is Chestnuts friction polish.
Wig Stand-2 #4
The huge crack in the base and crown were filled with powdered brass and CA glue.
Wig Stand-2 #3
It’s very messy stuff. I ended up with it stuck in an eyebrow when some glue splashed. Lesson #546445 always keep the face shield on – even when wood is not spinning…..

I have an unfinished project from last year I need to get my head round, and I should think about getting started on this year’s personal challenge piece.
In previous years I have challenged myself to:
Gumball #4
The gum-ball machine
The fruit bowl
The giant hourglass
Side Full
The Showman’s engine

And of course last years challenge which is still to be announced. I have an idea in the far-flung reaches of my addled brain for this year, but need to clear my head first.

As always, thanks for looking.

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