A Design Opportunity

No, I didn’t break it……… Well, OK, I did. I started this dish from a crotched piece of alder harvested from a diseased tree at work in 2014. The wood is nicely spalted, but there was a chunk of bark between the branches. I had decided on a high walled bowl, but that was not to be. The bowl gouge sprung a part of the lip off. Oops!
Alder Bowl Rim
Oh well, back to the drawing board.
It’s not all that bad, I was able to save it. The high sided bowl is now a shallow dish. It is common for wood to break or split when turning. It is unlikely that it means the end of a project though, it just needs a bit of lateral thinking to salvage something.
Alder Plate #2
Not a complete disaster. The finished dimensions are approximately 50mm high
Alder Plate #1
By 200mm in diameter. The spalting is nice, and the grain pattern from the crotch makes it interesting.
Alder Plate #4
And of course it has a nice flat bottom.
I am slowly working my way through the current pile of wood, but need to gather more. Storage is the key. I need somewhere to keep it.
Part of the clear-out is the continuing effort to use up small odds and ends of scrap. These photos were taken on the iPhone after my camera battery died. I call this one Scully.
Spaceship #2
It is another bit of elm burl leftover from my fruit bowl project. Finish is Chestnuts friction polish.
Spaceship #1
This one will probably stay in the shed to anchor stuff on the magnetic whiteboard. Small, but perfectly formed….. just like me……. 🙂

Next week sees me another year older, so I have booked some time off work. I will be visiting one of my favourite wood suppliers to buy some raw materials then spending a few days just chilling in the shed.

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