A Short Long-Weekend

These last few days off have seemed very short indeed. I got plenty done, but not much turning. I finally re-built my heavy bench, tidied up some more clutter, shelved inside a cabinet, connected up the fourth light fixture, added more power sockets, added a network outlet, and made some storage boxes.
heavy bench

Outside the shed, both cars got washed and cleaned. Mine was a disgrace, and had not been cleaned since dismantling the old shed. It stank. It’s much cleaner now, and smelling a lot better.

On Thursday, St Paddy’s day, I turned a wee leprechaun stood in a pot of gold for a very close family friend. (So close we were brought up like cousins)
I coloured him with sharpies, before spraying with clear acrylic.
I had no idea sharpies would dissolve and run with acrylic. Ooops!
wee mannie
Poor wee fella looks like he’s been crying.

I managed to make time to visit Scottish Wood on Thursday and came away with a lovely selection of oak, ash and sycamore.
Oak, approx 14″x12″x3″

Oak, approx 14″x14″x2½”

Ash 1¾” thick. Well, you can see the size.

And a round section of sycamore approx 18″ in diameter and almost 4″ thick.

I can’t wait to be able to do something with them.

wee bottle #3
And finally….. The piece on the left is a cutting from the legs of my heavy bench. It is some kind of pine around 3″ square, and was originally used to protect the edges of timber being delivered to a DIY store.
I saw on a group where someone asked what is best for practicing on. This pretty much proves you can turn just about anything. The little bottle is roughly 1¼” in diameter. The “cork” is a scrap piece of elm, and the finish is friction polish.


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