More “Improvements” from Wordmess


Yet again the pathetically bad “new and improved” WordPress ideas have made the site nigh on impossible to use. The media uploader has decided to stop accepting jpeg images, so I have to go into site admin, choose to change the theme, and customise the new theme to be able to upload images. I’m really becoming sick and tired of “improvements” which make the site crap.
Come on WordPress, sort yourselves out.


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3 Responses to More “Improvements” from Wordmess

  1. Collin says:

    How much do you pay for this service Tom?

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Cost is immaterial. To say it’s OK to provide a poor service because it’s free is a complete cop-out. Is it OK to poison people at a homeless shelter because the food is free? I make nothing from my blog, and have no monetary interest. WordPress on the other hand make money from monetised advertising on my blog. When each “improvement” makes something more and more frustrating to use, people will vote with their feet. There are plenty other platforms out there, and judging by the lack of responses in the support forums to pleas from paying customers relying on this for business, it looks more and more like the company have no interest in keeping users happy.

      • Collin says:

        I am not suggesting that accepting a poor service because it’s free is acceptable. It’s not.

        Whilst I understand what you’re saying, please think very carefully before deciding to move. I self-host all my websites (all are WP based) but I have used as well as others in the past and is still the best platform (in my humble opinion) for blogging. Blogger (Google’s platform) is so much worse than wordpress that I rarely visit blogs that are hosted there (if I can help it!)

        Self hosting my websites gives me full control over updates, theming and plugins. It costs me very little (£60 per year for hosting and £11 per year per domain name).

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