Easter Weekend Busy-ness

This weekend was another long weekend for me. I managed out to play 3 days on the bounce, which was nice. I attacked a slab of oak I bought from Scottish Wood, and turned a shallow dish.
Oak Plate #4
The dish is roughly 10″ in diameter by 1¾” high. Thickness thoughout is ½”.
Oak Plate #2
The thickness of the rim is uniform through the entire bowl.
Oak Plate #6
This time round, I didn’t have the confidence to re-mount it and turn away the recess on the bottom.

As it was Easter, I thought it was my duty to turn an egg.
McNailhands Egg #1
This little fellow is a piece of laburnum branch. The finish is Chestnuts friction polish. I think this is all laburnum needs to bring out the beauty of the grain.
McNailhands Cup #2
Of course an egg is nothing without an egg cup.
I kept this natural, with the bark still on. Finish again is friction polish. It’s not easy on the fingers when the bark is flying round.
Mc Nailhands egg and cup
They do look good together though.

Another piece of laburnum was used to make a wee box. This was a cutting that was lying around on the lathe bench for ages.
Laburnum Box 26-03-2016 #1
There is no finish on this. The object of the exercise was to practice getting the lids to fit on boxes. Much harder than you might imagine.
Laburnum Box 26-03-2016 #2
I’ll probably spray it with lacquer.

Another kind of box is shaped like an acorn. In this case it’s an off-cut of elm.
elm-corn #1
I finished the outside with shellac, but forgot to finish the inside before parting it off.
elm-corn #2
Again though, the object was to practice getting lids to fit.
elm-corn #4
I’ve seen worse.

Finally, the laptop was getting on my nerves so I used an old metal shelf to raise it up off’f the bench. This way the keyboard and mouse can sit under the shelf when not being used.
Much better.

A fairly productive weekend, plus I got some work done on last year’s personal challenge project. This was abandoned due to my shoulder injury. TBH I think it is possibly beyond my skill level, but it’s a good way to push the boundaries.
The way this is going, I might not manage a personal challenge this year.

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