I Present the iFock

We have a thing in the family where off-brand items are given the name of the brand item, but with an ‘F’ in front for fake. So you have Forn Flakes, Faked Beans, Fairy Milk, and so on. This is a dock for the iPhone, but obviously faked up. It is, therefore, an iFock.

This project is a bit of fun, and is an exercise in using scraps. There’s a kinda steam-punk vibe about it too.
The base is 2 discs, one beech and one oak. Both of these were leftovers/rejects from previous projects.
Turning Horn
The horn, or trumpet is turned from a piece of ash which was a crotched bowl that went wrong.
Horn Piped
The sound is passed through a copper tube.
Pipe Back
which is connected to the base with copper elbows.
The stand is turned hollow from a piece of scaffold board to hide the tubing doubling back on itself.
Finished Front
All assembled, and waiting on a skoosh of clear lacquer.
Finished Side
One from the side
Finished Front iPhone
After a skoosh with lacquer, and with the phone sitting in the holder.
I did consider adding a volume control………

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