Another Travel Mug

My first turning for three weeks, saw me turn another shell for a travel mug. This one is ash, from Blairgowrie in Perthshire.
The branch had a small amount of rot, where side branches had been.
Ash Cup Shell #3
This was filled with epoxy adhesive mixed with powdered copper. Once cured it was cut back with the bowl gouge before sanding as normal.
Ash Cup Shell #2
The rot can be seen right the way through the timber. Hopefully the filling will be enough to prevent it cracking.
Ash Cup Shell #4
Once sanded it was sprayed with clear acrylic lacquer to seal it against liquids, so it can be washed/wiped.
Ash Cup Shell #7
Finally, the handle is attached before the insert is screwed into place. There’s a little chip out of the rim from when I dropped it.

Hopefully I will be able to spend more time outside next weekend. It all depends on what chores need done indoors, and there are plenty of jobs waiting on my attention.

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3 Responses to Another Travel Mug

  1. Collin says:

    Morning Tom. Looks great and something I want to try at some point.

    Couple of questions if I may:

    1. Are you just dismantling a cheap mug for the insert?
    2. Did you use anything in addition to the screw to attach the handle?

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Hi Collin
      Yes, it’s just a cheap mug butchered for the insert. I get them in B&M for £1.99
      ASDA used to do cheap mugs too, but I have only seen ones with plastic inserts in there recently.
      I usually use a blob of thick CA glue behind the handle for a bit of stability, but it is water soluble so the screw does all the hard work. The shell for the mug is around 2-3mm thick at that point, so it should stay stable enough.

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