I Think That Was Summer

I got out and enjoyed the sun over the weekend, visiting a classic car show. I should have worn a hat though, because my head is scarlet.
I also got some turning done. I made a thing. I have no idea what it is, it’s just a thing. A lidded box in laburnum, with a kind of mushroomy body emerging from a log.
Laburnum Thing #2
I left the moss on for a quirky look.
Laburnum Thing #3
It opens. I would have liked the hollow to be a bit deeper, but I had already cut the underside by that time.
Laburnum Thing #4
A scoot with clear acrylic, and it’s done

I also completed a pair of lamps I have been working on.
Lamps #2
The bases are ash, and the stems are holly. I just need to get the electrical parts to get them finished off.

I also turned a stylus pen. This is laburnum, from the same stock as the thing.
Laburnum Pen #1One side.
Laburnum Pen #2
Other side.
I love the contrast in the grain of laburnum.

And, I got the car repaired. The poor old MacPherson strut had the drain holes blocked, which is why it rotted.
2016-05-13 16.00.38

Hopefully should get another 20 years out of it now.

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2 Responses to I Think That Was Summer

  1. goatboy says:

    Nice work. I was given a few small pieces of laburnum a couple of months ago. Not done anything with yet. What’s it like to turn?

    • Tom Speirs says:

      It’s quite nice. Fairly tactile, and doesn’t smell bad. Nice long ribbons on side grain, but end grain is catchy if you’re not careful. Tearout isn’t awfully bad unless cuts are too severe.

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