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Watch the Birdy!

Saturday was a tidy the shed day, and prep a blank for something special. I need to have a really good clear-up and re-arrange stuff so I can put everything away. I have so much sitting around on work surfaces, … Continue reading

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Driving Down Driving Costs

Yet another weekend without turning. I need my car for work, so I feel I should always make sure it is roadworthy. I finally got the second MacPherson strut changed on my car on Saturday. I was quite surprised it … Continue reading

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Change of Plan

We had made plans to jump in the car and head off out this weekend, hoping to do some walking. Sadly, this was not to be thanks to the weather. Rain, and damp cold doesn’t do much for our enthusiasm. … Continue reading

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Summer! My Favourite Day of the Year

It’s how it feels sometimes here in Scotland. I love my country, but it would be nice to have more decent weather. That said, there are always a few half-wits who start bleating, “it’s too hot,” the second the sun … Continue reading

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