Driving Down Driving Costs

Yet another weekend without turning. I need my car for work, so I feel I should always make sure it is roadworthy.
I finally got the second MacPherson strut changed on my car on Saturday. I was quite surprised it stayed dry. Normally as soon as I touch a car the heavens open.
It looks like I just caught the strut in the nic of time. I don’t think it would have lasted another Winter in all honesty.
Dodgy Strut #2
There are already signs of it starting to bend where the metal is rusty and fatigued.
Dodgy Strut #1
So after all the hassle of bolts rounding off, and having to order special replacements, the rusty bolts were able to be cut off ridiculously easily and the actual change of the strut took less than 45 minutes.
Due to this car being a grey import, main dealers hike their prices up dramatically for everything – even though 90% of the parts are identical to UKDM models. Labour charges are also hiked up for some bizarre reason.
I refuse to pay anyone to do something I am capable of doing myself. Especially when they take liberties, just because the car has been imported.

I have a plan for next weekend which may mean no turning again, but we shall see. Stay tuned for the next exciting episode………..

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3 Responses to Driving Down Driving Costs

  1. yesthatfinch says:

    I don’t know about another winter Tom, this doesn’t look like it would survive a British Summer!

    Nice work getting it replaced. We did the rear brakes on a mate’s Honda Civic a couple of weeks ago, took us over 4 hours as he didn’t have the right tools. Definitely needed done, the mechanic (Honda) that serviced it refused to test drive it due to “dangerous rear brake disc condition!”

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Too late now of course, but I think Screwfix do a universal calliper rewind tool, which would have saved loads of time.
      Thankfully my brakes are among the easiest in the world to work on.

      • yesthatfinch says:

        I made him purchase one at Halfords, 26 quid I think, but trade card for the win. 🙂

        Part of the problem was he was afraid to hit the calliper in case it broke so he spent ages trying to lever it off. I explained the folly of his ways, grabbed a copper faced mallet, thunk thunk and it was off. 🙂

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