Watch the Birdy!

Saturday was a tidy the shed day, and prep a blank for something special. I need to have a really good clear-up and re-arrange stuff so I can put everything away. I have so much sitting around on work surfaces, it looks really untidy.

I get a lot of inspiration from groups I am a member of. One of these groups is Woodchuckers, which is largely inhabited by very talented people who are more than willing to help others by passing on knowledge and experiences.
Lately the inspiration included a little bird sitting on a piece of branch.
Burdy #3
The head of the bird is laburnum, and the rest is holly. Finish is acrylic lacquer.

There is unlikely to be any turning done this coming weekend, due to the funfair setting up camp in the park next door. The funfair itself is no problem. It’s the clientele. Every year there are pitched battles and other sorts of trouble.
I have never been able to understand why people can’t just enjoy the rides and behave instead of getting jacked up on cheap wine and spoiling things for others.

I have a plan B in place in any case, which involves not being in town for the day.

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