Change of plan Sunday

Normally on a Sunday, we do the weekly food shop. People always say we should shop online and have it delivered. I’m a little anal about my fresh fruit & veg though, and have to select and inspect every piece personally. I hate how supermarkets always seem to have manky & runny produce in among the fresh, and how they never separate the freshest from reduced.
Not being able to get to the shed yesterday because of the fun fair, we did the shopping yesterday, so I can have some time in the shed today.

Before shopping though, I paid a visit to a local tree surgeon who had some nice old timber I was able to pick through. My haul was a boot load (or rear cargo area to be accurate) of Ash, Cherry, Hawthorn, Monkey Puzzle, Oak, and Yew. The yew, monkey puzzle and oak were all cut in excess of 20 years ago. I do believe this stuff will take a while to work my way through.
2016-07-02 11.19.16
The beer bottle (284ml) is for scale. This yew has been sitting outside for around 25 years.
2016-07-02 11.19.36
The yew from another angle. I also have the piece from that void.
2016-07-02 11.19.43
Hawthorn. That little crotch wants to be a winged bowl. I will do my best to accommodate it.
2016-07-02 11.19.50
This is the monkey puzzle. It is quite badly rotted, so I will have to be careful with it. I may experiment with wood hardener. First job though is to remove the moss and grass.
2016-07-02 11.19.56
This slab of oak came from a local sawmill 20 years ago. It has been sitting undercover ever since. I’m looking forward to seeing what I can get from it.
2016-07-02 11.20.00
I was told this was ash, although it’s not the bark I’m used to seeing on ash. I bow to the professional arborist though. He knows his trees much better than I do.
2016-07-02 11.20.07
And finally, the cherry. I love the colour, and cherry is a beautiful wood to turn. I have had some highly coloured cherry like this before, and although it faded to shades of brown, it did keep the figuring nicely. I have high hopes for some of this. Time will tell because cherry is renowned for cracking & splitting.

The cost of this little lot? £30.00

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