Organisation and a Half

I’ve been working at trying to tidy my work spaces, which has not been easy. All of the cabinets are rammed with various bits & bobs, so getting stuff squared away has been difficult.

The first back wall panorama didn’t go so well, so I had another try. This one is better, but still a bit blurry.
Wood-Stock Panorama
It still has a few ghosty bits, but all in all – a much better attempt. I had great software for panoramas, but it refuses to work with a 64bit operating system.
The back wall has been tidied too. There was so much mess, I had virtually no free work surface.
Back Wall Panorama
This was taken after some work was done, so some bits are there just before being tidied up.
I managed some turning too, naturally. Just to the right of the table lamps is a small cherry tealight holder.
Cherry Tealight Holder #3
The colouring in this cherry is awesome.
Cherry Tealight Holder #1
I include a glass liner to help prevent the wood overheating and burning.
I also turned a pen from yew.
Yew Pen Assembled
I have a huge amount of this wood, and need to get the chainsaw fired up.
Laburnum Piston #5
I’m a bit of a petrol head, and made this piston box from laburnum. The circle in the side represents the gudgeon pin (wrist pin for the USA people) and is resin cast with powdered brass.
Oak Barrel
I turned this little barrel from oak, but not too happy with the proportions. It was a practice with my carbide tools, so I was more concerned with using those than how it looks.
Oak Urn
This little urn is oak too, and is for a special road trip. It will visit France, and may even stay there.
Bug #2
As a bit of fun, I found this little bug lurking in a piece of laburnum. I used welding rods for the legs and wings, so they are far from delicate. It’s just a bit of fun though, and proof of concept.
All in all, a pretty productive few days.

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