Health Matters

Yes indeed it does. For those who know me, y’all know I’ve got dodgy guts. I’ve not been out and about as much in the shed, because I’ve not been eating, and don’t feel too steady on my feet. I wouldn’t use power tools or machines with a drink in me, so no danger of going near them feeling like this.
Over the past 2 weekends, I’ve managed a jewelery stand and started a magic wand.

Yew Jewellery Stand #1
The timber is some of the yew I picked up a few weeks ago. The diameter is about 5″ and the height is about the same.
Yew Jewellery Stand #5
There are plenty cracks and blemishes in the wood. I like this. It’s all part of the organic nature of wood.
Yew Jewellery Stand #8
I have a jig for making the holes round the rim as equidistant as possible. It saves a lot of messing around marking then sanding the marks back off.
Yew Jewellery Stand #7
Finish is polyurethane lacquer, cut back between coats with wire wool.

The wand is magical holly.
Holly Wand #1
The shape is of course magical, and the wand has a concealed phoenix feather.
Holly Wand #2
The wand still needs some work, with decoration and embellishments. The magical source of the phoenix feather must remain secret – naturally.

Hopefully I will have my biopsy results soon, and proper treatment will begin. After that I will get back to regular turning.

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