Out With The Old

As the old year draws to a close we all look back at what a dreadful year it’s been for celebrities. Who would want to be famous?

My turning has been much reduced at the close of the year due to other commitments. I have had 3 turning days since October. I did manage some output all the same.
A friend gave me a cutting from a walnut worktop. He was given it by a neighbour for his woodburning stove. This would be a travesty.
I took half of it and turned a platter.
This was pretty close to the limit of my lathe at 16½” and was quite rough to start off with because of the amount of vibration.
I managed to keep it to ¾” thick. I didn’t dare go any thinner though.
It has since been sprayed with clear lacquer and polished to a high sheen

I had rough turned a hawthorn bowl back in August. It was set aside in a paper bag, packed with wet shavings. I re-mounted it this week and finished it to 6½” diameter by ¼” thick.
This was before finish was applied.
I do like a nice smooth bottom. A couple of coats of cellulose sanding sealer has been applied at this stage, and it was polished using home cooked paste wax.
The rim has been scorched to accent the edge

One of the local dog walkers left a piece of wood outside my shed. I have no idea what it is. Best guess is leylandii, but I simply can’t be sure. The end result is pretty reasonable considering how ugly it started.
The holes are not worm or bug holes, they are teeth marks from a Rottweiler.
Step#1 roughly turn to round.
It’s fairly rough and very punky.
Step#2 start to shape.
Still really rough.
Step#3 roud it off and create a recess.
This was the finish straight off the tools.
Step#4 sand to 320 grit, apply cellulose sanding sealer, and polish with hand knitted abrasive paste wax.
Much better.

The act of turning takes something oddly organic and turns it into something pleasing to the eye.

Most of the time.

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2 Responses to Out With The Old

  1. Fred Dowson says:

    Hi, Tom. I started turning three years ago with a Nu Tools lathe I got on eBay for twenty quid and, just as everyone says, got hooked!. My Christmas present this year is a new second hand Record CL3 but I am going to have to build a bench to hold it before I can do anything. Anyway, the reason for my comment is to say that I have made a parting off tool and a skew using old files. The metal is very hard and seems to keep its sharpness pretty well. The parting off tool was easy but the skew – well there are so many ideas about the best grind that I have just picked one and gone with it; long 40 degree grind and angled, straight edge. Here’s to some decent weather so I can get the bench built and do some stuff.

  2. Beautiful bowl and RIP to all those we lost in 2016, famous or not.

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