Looking to the future

It is now over a year since I last posted anything on here, and almost a year since I turned anything. In the last 10 months I have been involved in redecoration and re-modelling of our home, then placing it on the market, house hunting, moving, bulding a new workshop, and making the new place more comfortable to live in.
There are a finite number of hours in a day, and days in a week. There is also a finite number of beer tokens available, to spend on houses and sheds.
I had to replace the brakes on my old car too, so I could continue driving to work.

It’s all exciting though, and it has been a reasonably positive experience. In the first few weeks we were competely snowed in – a brand new experience for me.
Our old place sold, then the sale fell through, then sold again – all in the space of seven weeks. The selling agents were absolutely amazing, and made the experience really easy. There was an issue with an incompetent solicitor, but this is not the place to address that.
The new house previously belonged to an old person, so everything is dated.
Having started on renovations, it makes me angry how some trades people can leave such shoddy work behind, knowing the elderly will not be able to check their work later. Everything in the house has been good quality materials, but so badly installed it just ruins the job.

Going forward, the shell of the workshop is up, and I have temporary power installed. I still need to frame out the inside, and get the wiring in before I can do any serious work in there. I have the rest of my life though, so it feels less urgent.

It’s just a small shed.

My Son refers to is as “the aircraft hangar”

It’s only 20′ x 10′ lol
Once the framing has been done, I can start installing cabinets and benches, then I will be able to start creating things again. My target is to be turning by the first anniversary of my last turning, which is 8 weeks away.
2nd Quaich #1
Oak quaich turned from laminated stair parts, and a new £1 coin embedded in resin.

I will probably have to re-learn the various skills I have learned since 2011. Can’t wait to see how much I have forgotten.


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