Much More Constructive

Or perhaps more destructive?
We managed to spend a few hours on Saturday taking the old cabin apart and moving a large amount of the contents. All in 28°C heat.
Probably 2 more trips by car, then a single van-load of the cabinets and workbench should do it.

My Nemesis

I had to evict a queen wasp from new shed on Saturday. Little blighter was building a byke on my roof. I really hate these be-winged devils, and kill them as soon as they come indoors.
DSCN0956You have to admire their industry, and the sheer beauty of what they build, but my distaste for them over-powers everything else.
It really is a work of art. Pyrethrin saw off the queen, so that’s one colony of evil less this Summer. I can’t say I’m sorry – they kill bees.

Two Summers ago I had to abandon the cabin after killing around 60 of the nasty little critters. I ran out of spray. I reckon there must’ve been a byke somewhere near for there to be so many.

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2 Responses to Much More Constructive

  1. Fred Dowson says:

    Can I pick your brains about re-mounting onto a lathe? Every time I take something off the chuck then try to fit it back on, it wobbles. I have tried using the tailstock to keep the centre central but there is still a wobble.
    Is there a problem with the lathe, am I doing something wrong (more likely) and, most importantly, is there a cure?

    Any help gratefully received.

    • Tom Speirs says:

      I had similar issues a while back. I now always mark the position of the chuck jaws, and the number of the jaw on the work before un-mounting. I also stripped and cleaned my chuck, taking extra care when re-assembling. Mike Waldt has a youtube video showing the procedure for stripping/cleaning/re-assembling the chuck. Following that guide made a massive difference.

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