I’m not tight, just careful

I like to save money where possible, and upcycling is a good way to do this. I originally hoped to line the inside of the new shed with dry wipe white boards. I’m not in a hurry to get the walls lined, if the cost is low enough.
Unfortunately, work don’t dispose of marker boards centrally. They are junked as and when new ones are required. This was a bit of a disappointment.
Thankfully, pin boards and modesty panels are disposed of centrally. I managed to glean a pile which were being disposed of, just before they landed in a skip.
Not everyone’s cup of tea, but it’ll do for me.
Some of the benches will have to come out to get the boards behind them, but that’s fine – I needed bench space to get started working. I’m making cable ways as I go and leaving string in to pull the wiring through.
One of the benefits of using these boards is they are made from an insulating material.
The two cabinets I brought from the old container are now up on the walls, and I have been gifted a pile of old kitchen cabinet doors. These will be used for building new storage.

I did start turning a pen, after setting the grinder up and sharpening my tools. Sadly one of the sections had a pocket of rot in it, so I will have to start that part again. No-one said it would be easy.

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