Getting Closer

That’s as many boards on as I am inclined to fit. There are one or 2 gaps, but these would be a nightmare to get into.
The shed is, in general, still a tip because of the lack of storage. I will get there though. Baby steps and all that.
We had a week away visiting the rellies, so the home stuff had to take a back seat.
This stuff make a significant difference in the accoustics within the shed, so I’m hoping it will make a difference with the temperature as well. Next task is to sort out the wiring, and get power sockets fitted. Once that little lot has been done, I can think about bringing cabinets in and building benches.
I have a work-bench to re-assemble, and all the tea-crates to stow away. Once I have done that, it will look much less cluttered.
No turning this week though.

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