Christmas basics

Staying with the back to basics theme, I discovered a local bargain chain was selling novelty bottle stoppers for £1.75 which is about half what I usually pay for the bare stopper.
I removed the novelty head, which was a claw hammer, chucked up a piece of sweet chestnut and gave it a whirl.
I sanded this to 600 grit, and wiped on some sanding sealer.
Cleaned up the top of his hat, drilled a hole and inserted a nose.
I have not unpacked my pyrography iron yet, so had to make do with a sharpie for the eyes and mouth. This wasn’t great on top of sanding sealer.

Another basic turning, which will help me remember/re-learn some of the techniques I have not used in over a year. Next year I will batch turn these as Christmas gifts.

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