We now have a ceiling in the kitchen! Go me!
You know you’re starting to age when you struggle to hold a sheet of plasterboard above your head and screw it in place. I managed the first sheet on my own, but had to give in and draft our Son in to help with the rest.
To date, I have single-handedly:-

  1. Taken down the old ceiling
  2. Installed new wiring for cooker, power, lights, smoke/heat alarms, central heating, TV aerial, telephone, disconnected old lighting circuit & connect new recessed pot lights.
  3. Knocked through for the extractor and installed ducting
  4. Plastered and made good damaged surfaces
  5. Re-structured ceiling to allow for supporting metric plasterboard
  6. Taped and filled ceiling
  7. Painted ceiling
  8. Removed/re-hung kitchen cabinets to allow access

Next step is to start putting Humpty back together again. Hopefully the materials will appear over the weekend to allow me to continue.

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4 Responses to Progress

  1. OwDo says:

    Nice work Tom. Will you be plastering too? Now that’s a skill I’d like to learn. We’ve got a small under stairs cupboard that needs replastering – the laths are are all bare. As its out of sight I’m going to give it a go in the summer.

    • Tom Speirs says:

      I do small bits of plaster patching, but have only done full ceilings twice. There’s a cracking video on youtube with a plumber teaching a photographer to plaster

      I’m a bit heavy handed, but manage not too badly.
      This time round the ceiling was just taped and filled at the joints.

      • OwDo says:

        Know your limits and bow out gracefully! Did I see an old post of your making a pen. Maybe a year or two back? What finish did you use? I tried a few coats of CA glue and think I sanded it all off again……..even with 12,000 grit pads. Next time I’m going to try oil/CA glue and then just plain wax as well.

      • Tom Speirs says:

        I used to use boiled linseed oil/ca combo, but found the finish delaminated after a time. Apparently the oil is to help the glue cure.
        I buy the no-nonsense thick CA from screwfix which comes with a tin of accelerator. I use the medium no-nonsense CA to finish pens using the accelerator before applying the glue.
        I cut the glue back between coats with 00-00 wire wool. It takes care though, because one nanosecond of inattention and the pen grabs the wire wool and winds it on.

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