Back in the saddle

The past couple of weeks have been quite exciting for me. I have some new and new to me power tools, some new to me turning chisels, and got some turning done at the weekend.
I now have a decent bandsaw for cutting up blanks, and other timber.
I also have a Tormek sharpening system, which makes a huge difference to the edge on my tools. I never would have believed how much of a difference.
I also bought a planer/thicknesser, and a biscuit jointer for other upcoming projects.

My first turning in many, many months is another quaich which was commissioned last week. I’m trying a new design, yin/yang is the name of this one.
I’m leaving the crack, unless the customer wants it filled. I would much rather leave all the blemishes in place, to show the material is natural.
Timber is sweet chestnut, and the finish is polyurethane.

All of the turning tools, although not brand new, were all still in the original packaging, with factory grinds.
These appear to be completely unused. I sometimes wonder why people buy tools then never use them.
These were also in the original packaging. The detail gouge looks like it has been sharpened on the Tormek. The edge was like a razor.

I’m looking forward to getting back to turning regularly now my appetite has been whetted.

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  1. OwDo says:

    Welcome back Tom.

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