Finally! A fireplace.

This renovation malarkey is taking time. Between working full time and living in it, it’s not easy to get a run at stuff.
We now have the front room finished though, finally.
Most important, the stove looks great.
Img_7098I need to get the tripod out and level the camera to take the photo properly. It all looks off-level. The hearth looks like it’s got a curve in it too, which must be something to do with the lens.
All in all I’m happy though. Another job completed.

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2 Responses to Finally! A fireplace.

  1. OwDo says:

    Hi Tom, nice to see you back in action, even though it is house renovations. We’ve ust about finished our now. Just the living room to do next spring. Been a busy two years and am kooking forward to doing some serious wood turning. I have a garage full of tree and branches ready for cutting up and preparing. Keep the posts coming. I’ll keep an eye out for them. Merry Christmas, OwenD

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