I’m Still Here

It seems hard to believe it has been over a year since I last posted anything here.

It has been a strange time, with this virus changing everything we do. We (our family) have managed to survive without so much as a high temperature. I have been lucky, in as much I have worked from home since the very start. Our kids have worked right through, so we are extremely grateful they have remained plague free.

Now fully vaccinated, and with the lifting of restrictions coming closer, it is only a matter of time before I have to return to my office. C’est la vie.

I have been watching people in similar positions tell tales of additional time on their hands to dedicate to their hobbies. The reverse has been the case for me. I have been much busier working from home than I would be in the office. I have done almost zero turning. My shed is a disgrace, because it has been used as a workshop during the home renovations. I am slowly clearing the mess, and have moved some of my stuff around.

The main change though is, I have insulated and lined the inside of the steel roof to try controlling the condensation. Time will tell if it has been successful.

I have also installed guttering to divert the rainwater away from the wooden base, which in turn meant manufacturing a new door. The original door was made of wiggly steel, and opened out. It was not possible to have a gutter at that point, so made it pointless fixing any gutter to that elevation. The new door is exterior construction grade plywood, in a hardwood frame made from some mahogany type timber salvaged from the old front door of the house. Inside is stiffened with pallet timber, and will eventually be lined with T&G. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Hopefully now, the water ingress under the steel frame will be minimised and the condensation issue will be cured.

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2 Responses to I’m Still Here

  1. OwDo says:

    Glad to see you back posting Tom. I was worried for a while. I’m still in Kazakhstan at the moment working on a big COVID vaccination program. Hoping to be back at the end of the month for a few weeks. Got lots to do. Another 7 stair spindles to make for a friend, 2 bespoke pens for a South African couple who live in Singapore and a couple who want to come for some lessons. Going to be a busy few weeks. Anyway, glad to hear you are alive and well. Looking forward to seeing your work again. Cheers, OwenD

    • Tom Speirs says:

      Thanks Owen. I have been following your posts, but have not been active myself. Good to see you managed to get your lathe bed levelled too.

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