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Over the weekend

Not that much since my last post. I did some turning at the end of the week, but gave the shed a good clean out and took a whole load of detritus to the amenity site. It shocks me that … Continue reading

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Later than planned

One of my latest projects had to stay under wraps as it was part of a gift for our daughter’s 21st. It is a covered bowl in yew and has some inlay work. Finish is shellac and paste wax. The … Continue reading

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Time for tea

This will be my next competition entry. It is a cup & saucer in beech. I particularly like the saucer, and the inclusions. The handle is from the same tree, but has some interesting spalting. I would have liked the … Continue reading

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And here we are

Finished the project tonight. Not too bad for a first attempt I feel. I know exactly where I went wrong, so next time I will know the pit-falls to avoid. As I mentioned before it is made from soft pine, … Continue reading

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A bit more “art”

I’m getting closer to what I want the arty bits to look like. This one is in cherry, and with a natural edge. The bit on top opens, but I think the “skirt” is still longer than I am looking … Continue reading

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My first “art” attempt

I’m not a particularly creative person. I tend to see what other people are doing and try to emulate their work. I saw something on TV last week that inspired me to try something different. It was a chocolate fountain. … Continue reading

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