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Over the weekend

Not that much since my last post. I did some turning at the end of the week, but gave the shed a good clean out and took a whole load of detritus to the amenity site. It shocks me that … Continue reading

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A quick update

I did a couple of egg-cups yesterday evening, in cherry. These are finished with shellac, and polished up with wax. This has given me an idea for something else, so watch this space. I also filled the gum-ball machine up. … Continue reading

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A busy weekend

I had quite a lot to do this weekend, but still managed to fit some turning in as well as cutting the grass and sharpening the chainsaw. A friend has a static caravan which had some worn out seating. This … Continue reading

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A bit more “art”

I’m getting closer to what I want the arty bits to look like. This one is in cherry, and with a natural edge. The bit on top opens, but I think the “skirt” is still longer than I am looking … Continue reading

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A touch eccentric

I have seen a few videos of “eccentric” turning. Hey, I’m adventurous enough to be dangerous so I had to give it a go. Of course, nobody told me it was difficult until after I had had tried it. So … Continue reading

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Too much excitement for one weekend

I decided to do some spring cleaning in the shed this weekend. The place was a real mess, and needed a good tidying. I managed to get rid of 4 massive bags of shavings, off cuts, beer cans, packaging, old … Continue reading

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Eggsactly what I was after

I mentioned previously I have been working on a special gift for a very good friend. I have had a few mishaps along the way, with many attempts simply breaking up. This has either been down to splits in the … Continue reading

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Multi-purpose turnings

My daughter has been asking for candle holders for some time now, so I thought I better get some done. Tea-light holders are quick and easy projects, using a small amount of wood. Holders for standard candles tend to take … Continue reading

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