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Almost tidy

I’m not ready to photograph the shed yet, I still have to tidy the place up and put some timber away. I definitely have more work space though even before stuff is finally put away. I was starting to take … Continue reading

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Pen Day Saturday

Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat. And the bank balance is getting thin. One of my most popular products is pens. I have a good stock of interesting timbers, so should be able to make some very attractive … Continue reading

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The Secret is Out

Well after around 70 hours of work, taking into account damages & mistakes – then completely changing the materials used – my top secret project is complete. Ladies & gentlemen, I give you the hourglass project. The glass was hand … Continue reading

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Holiday Time

I’ve been a bit erratic with my postings, being deeply into the holiday spirit, and holiday beer. I have had quite a few days of doing absolutely nothing, and a few days of turning. Also been busy with family matters, … Continue reading

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Time for tea

This will be my next competition entry. It is a cup & saucer in beech. I particularly like the saucer, and the inclusions. The handle is from the same tree, but has some interesting spalting. I would have liked the … Continue reading

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How to BBQ candles

Yes, sounds stupid, I agree. I keep an old oven tray in the shed for catching oil during the service on the car. Today I fired up a little disposable BBQ and sat this tray on top with a bunch … Continue reading

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More of the arty stuff

I have a pile of oak in the shed, which has been there since I got the lathe. It is either nasty & punky, or horribly split and not much use for anything other than firewood. I have been experimenting … Continue reading

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Half Day Friday

I had a half day yesterday, finishing work at 1PM. I went out to the shed, just because I could, and it was crazy hot. 46°C after the door being open for an hour. I did some more work on … Continue reading

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Baby it’s hot inside

I went out to the shed for a couple of hours last night. When I opened the door, it was 49°C inside. After 15-20 minutes rough turning a wet birch bowl blank, the sweat was running down my forehead and … Continue reading

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A slow weekend

I haven’t been too well this weekend. I took some kind of stomach bug on Friday, so have been a bit under the weather. I turned a couple of knobs for the cabinet I built last week, and made a … Continue reading

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